JEC Energy Savings was founded in 2006 and combined the resources of NEW ERA LIGHTING COMPANY and FOCUS ASSET MANAGEMENT GROUP INC. JEC Energy Savings designs, installs and markets innovative LED lighting systems that outperform existing technologies (fluorescents, metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor and all incandescent) in terms of energy efficiency and maintenance.

JEC Energy Savings carries a full line of unique LED products for both indoor and outdoor applications. JEC Energy Savings works with a host of customers, from multifamily, public and municipal facilities, industrial and all types of manufacturing facilities, retail, office, warehousing, etc. JEC Energy Savings’ philosophy is to provide the best lighting solution for the application utilizing energy efficient lighting products that can bring a high return and predictable pay-back period on your investment. We also perform lighting assessments, photometric studies and Return on Investment projections.

JEC Energy Savings company philosophy is to improve the quality of light, cut energy and maintenance expenses by specifying the highest quality of lighting products available. Each project is custom tailored to meet the client’s needs and budgets.

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