Lighting Design

JEC Energy Savings' team of experienced lighting engineers will help you through the daunting task of illuminating your building with most energy efficient, longest lasting and best illuminating fixtures available. We have full architectural engineering tools such as photometric analytical software and a complete catalog of the best lighting products available.

  • Photometric Analysis
    Dark sky legislation requires plans that direct all lighting downward in order to limit glare. JEC Energy Savings produces Photometric Analysis that meets all requirements of down lighting and foot candle distribution as required by the various municipalities.
  • Product Specification
    On 99% of all retrofit installations, JEC Energy Savings' clients receive utility incentives to help offset the cost of lighting upgrades. These incentives usually range from 10-50% of the contracted price, greatly reducing the out of pocket expense from our Clients.
  • Lighting Deficiencies
    Increasing light levels is a proven measure to increasing security. JEC Energy Savings has helped many Multi-Family Communities to become a certified Gold Star Program Member in the Dallas Police Department’s area.
  • Energy Savings
    All of JEC Energy Savings’ products have been engineered and chosen to lower electric usage. All products are UL listed for safety and DLC Listed or Energy Star Approved for long life, high lumen output and energy efficiency.
  • Lighting Controls
    JEC Energy Savings can help you meet the new electrical codes with cost saving lighting controls, including: dimmers, occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting sensors. JEC Energy Savings can cater the controls to one office or the entire building, depending on your needs.

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